I always pass by Euro Cafe at the lower ground of Gaisano mall, Davao City especially that my little tot loves to play at the play area just in front of the cafe. I have never tasted goodies at their place until last night when my classmates and I need a wifi to work on our assignment at school.

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierEuro Cafe facade

There are a number of customers when we arrived at Euro Cafe last night. We settled ourselves in an area where we can plug the power supply of our notebooks which has battery issues.

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierInside Euro Cafe

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierBread buffet with some fresh fruits for only 69 pesos

Just Beside Euro Cafe is Euro Baker and so they offer Euro Buffet. I noticed that there are numerous people who indulged with their bread buffet at only Php69.00.   When we have settled ourselves, a young smiling waitress got our orders.  Looking at their menu, I can say that what my friends are telling me are indeed true.  Goodies at Euro Cafe are cheaper compared to other coffee shops around.

Take a look at their menu…

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierEuro Cafe Menu – A

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierEuro Cafe Menu-B

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierEuro Cafe Menu-C

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierEuro Cafe Menu -D

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierEuro Cafe Menu – E

If you look at their menu, you can say that their prices are comparably low with other cafes around. Here are photos of our orders…

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierIrish Cappuccino

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierCloser look..with lovely art on top of Irish Cappuccino

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierToasted Mallows Mocha

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierCloser look of toasted mallows mocha

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierAnother lovely presentation of Toasted Mallows Mocha

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierMango Chill

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierDurian Chill

Euro Cafe, Davao PremierChocolate moist cake

The taste of the toasted mallows mocha is perfect for me.  I don’t need to add sugar for it fits right for my taste buds.  It is creamy and oh so yummy in a cold evening when rain is pouring heavily outside.

I personally choose durian chill since I’m a durian lover and with durian, I can never go wrong.  Every bite of the durian chill is heaven on earth, I should say.  As I slowly take one bite after the other to savor its delicious taste, chunks of fresh durian would came out from the pie which makes me appreciate it the more.

I let my friends taste the durian chill and they say it’s delicious and they will order it next time they will visit Euro Cafe.  I have also tasted the mango chill and just like the one I have ordered, there are also small chunks of ripe mango fruit on it and sometimes the taste of it can be likened to a mango float, but not exactly the same.  Chocolate moist is perfect for chocolate lovers.

The ambiance of the place is cool and wifi connection is fast.  I also like the fact that waiters and waitresses are very attentive to the needs of the customers.  All in all, it was a great experience and definitely, it is just one of my many visits in the future.


Euro Baker, Euro Cafe, Euro Buffet

Lower Ground, Gaisano mall of Davao

J.P. Laurel Ave., Davao City