Our family have been always a pizza lover. Pizza is always mouth-watering whatever flavor it is. But I personally love the Hawaiian pizza, I just love those bits of pineapple chunks on the toppings.

One Sunday afternoon, the whole family went to church. After the mass, we usually have our afternoon snacks. We then discuss where to take our afternoon merienda and the buy 1 take 1 pizza popped up to our mind so we headed to Mama Maria’s Pizzeria at Hotel Elena located at Avenida Santos St., Nova Tierra Village, Davao City.

The place is cozy and the waiters are amiable. We ordered the Hawaiian Family size. We feel that we have the luxury of eating a lot of pizza as much as we can because there are so plenty since it is a buy 1 take 1 and there are only 4 of us plus a little one who does not really eat that much.

Mama Maria's Pizzeria, Davao PremierHawaiian Family Pizza, we got two of this

Mama Maria's Pizzeria, Davao PremierDelicious Hawaiian Pizza

Mama Maria's Pizzeria, Davao PremierInside Mama Maria’s Pizzeria at Hotel Elena

Mama Maria's Pizzeria, Davao PremierOutside Mama Maria’s Pizzeria at Hotel Elena

I love their thin crust pizza and we really feasted on the 2 plates of family Hawaiian pizza that was served to us.  Looking forward to another pizza indulgence.


Mama Maria’s Pizzeria

Hotel Elena, Avenida Santos St.,Nova Tierra Village

Lanang, Davao City


Other locations of Mama Maria’s Pizzeria Branches:

Mama Maria’s Pizzeria

J.P., Laurel Avenue (near Psychar Hotel)

Bajada, Davao City

Tel. No. : (082) 221 4411


Mama Maria’s Pizzeria

The Peak, 5th Floor, Gaisano Mall of Davao

J.P., Laurel Avenue, Bajada, Davao City