One of the factors that contributes to a good dining experience is the place itself.  Vista restaurant is located at Eden Nature park and resort situated at Barangay Eden, Toril, Davao City.  It is a place where you can relax and commune with nature, away from the  bustling life in the urban center.

Vista Restaurant Eden Toril, Davao Premier

The food

The food at Vista Restaurant is deliciously prepared.  You can choose a variety of viands like fish fillet, buttered and fried chicken, lumpia shanghai, and others.  They also serve lavish vegetable salad.  Since it is a nature resort, they grow their own vegetables in hydrophonics so you can expect freshly picked veggies served for you.  Aside from veggies and viands, they will serve you also with desserts consisting of fruits and sweets.


Vista Restaurant Eden Toril, Davao Premier



Vista Restaurant Eden Toril, Davao Premier


The ambiance

The place is huge enough to accommodate their numerous guests.  They have tables provided outside the Vista restaurant for the convenience of their clients should the place itself becomes full.  If you come in a  large group, there is an intended place for you, just adjacent to the Vista restaurant.

Vista Restaurant Eden Toril, davao Premier



The place is cool being located in an elevated area.  It is surrounded with plentiful of trees so you can not feel much the scorching heat of the sun.  The restaurant provides a beautiful vista of the city of Davao with the beautiful Davao gulf and the lovely flowers and trees in the mountains.  This I think is the reason why it is named Vista Restaurant.

How to go to Vista Restaurant

Getting to Vista restaurant is just easy.  If you have your own car, all you have to do is drive to the south of Davao City and when you reach Toril, turn right near Mercury drugstore which is along the national highway.  From there, you have to travel, going up around 15 minutes and you can never miss the big signage of Eden Nature park and resort where Vista restaurant is located inside.

If you come from the airport, you may hire a taxi to take you to the Eden nature park.  If you are commuting, you may just ride a jeepney going to Toril.  Public utility vehicles bound for Toril can be found in Quirino-Claveria-Roxas Avenue, Davao City.  When you reach Mercury Drugstore in Toril, you can hire a single motorcycle to take you to Eden Nature park and resort.